Irish Cook

New cookbook offers sensuous, delicious tour of Ireland


Capturing Ireland’s culinary beauty season-by-season,
Margaret’s newest cookbook includes more than 100 of her favorite recipes
from Roasted Rhubarb Ice Cream to classic Fish ‘n Chips and Traditional Christmas Pudding.
Her passion for the country and its cuisine jumps from the pages of this latest collection.


CHRISTMAS FLAVORS OF IRELAND INVITES READERS cooks and armchair travelers alike on a holiday tour of one of Europe’s most beloved destinations.

Christmas flavors of ireland cookbook

From decking the halls to gathering around the family table, you’ll find timeless classics and exciting new ideas in this full-color collection of popular Irish dishes. With easy-to-follow recipes warming soups and crisp potatoes, wonderful puddings and dazzling desserts Christmas Flavors of Ireland will awaken your senses to the festive, fun-filled season in Ireland. With over 100 recipes and photos, this colorful collection will become an essential addition to your holiday bookshelf and a gift that family and friends will treasure year after year.


Flavors of Ireland invites readers, cooks, and armchair travelers alike on a culinary tour of one of Europe’s fastest growing food destinations.

Flavors of ireland cookbook by margaret johnson

Long praised for its lush landscapes, friendly people, and unique heritage, Ireland has a distinctive food culture thanks to the geography, climate, and history of the people who settled here centuries ago. Part recipe collection, part travel guide, and part history, the book offers an insightful look into the ingredients that shape the country’s cooking: a rich array of vegetables and fruits; succulent beef, lamb, and dairy produce; smoked, cured, and spiced fish and meat; and fields of nourishing barley, wheat, and rye. With evocative photos that transport you to the Irish countryside, Flavors of Ireland will awaken your senses to the grand places and glorious food of this warm and welcoming land.

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